The End

Yes, I had finally reached the end. Back on the 18th. I'm a little late with the announcement (not that anyone reads this blog), but I finally did it after nearly six years of on and (mostly) off writing this novel. It is not done, there's much editing and research and filling of gaps to do, but I reached the end of the novel and I'm glad but sad at the same time.

The editing process has already began and I hope to get it into the hands of betas by summer, and while that's happening begin with the torturous task of writing a query letter.

1929 Apex Radio

Just sharing photos of a 1929 Apex radio I picked up a couple of years ago because I thought it was cool. It doesn't work, and I don't have the money right now to have it restored to working order at the moment, but hopefully in the future I will. Most of the inside parts are there, the power supply I was told is shot. I don't know if it is fixable, I know nothing about old radios, but what I do know about old electronics is DO NOT TURN THEM ON WITHOUT HAVING THEM SERVICED FIRST OR THEY MAY FRY!

Anyway, the radio:

 The receiver is on the top, the power supply on the bottom. This was done like this for one year only, 1929. That's how I know the year. It was unusual to have the power supply separate from the rest of the chassis.

Original plug and wire has seen better days.

The cabinet is in great shape. There's a glass ring on top and some nicks on the corners, and the speaker mesh is stained and has a couple of holes, but for the age it's in great shape. And the…


I'm stuck, ladies and gents.

I've been working on this epilogue for a month, off and on, now, and I keep thinking this isn't how I want to go with it. I almost have it done, but I've hit the wall, because I know something isn't clicking. I know in my subconscious this isn't how I want it to end. So now, for the last week I've written nothing. I thought to write the different endings I have in mind and pick whichever seems better, but I can't even do that.

So what I need to do, I believe, is to start from the beginning, finish up my odds and ends I got stuck on that I skipped over, and hopefully by the end I'll have it figured out.

I think I may know the problem, especially with the version of the ending I've started on and have yet to finish. It's with Josef.

I've made him soft.

He's notsoft.

He's an asshole.

With a soft spot for Millie, and that's about it.

So if I go back to the beginning and read through, maybe I'll fi…

Happy Birthday, Nashville, Michigan!

You did it, Nashville! You made it 150 years! And to celebrate, some of the locals made birthday cake to be passed out via local restaurants and the Putnam District Library. My hometown turns 150 today; here's to 150 more! And from August 2-4, the village will have its celebration with all sorts of events and dedications and a parade and fireworks and things going on. It'll be the most exciting thing to happen in this village since it broke the Guinness World Record for world's longest ice cream sundae in 2016 (and got beaten a couple of years later--we'll be back!).

Have souvenir spoon, will eat ice cream.
And guess what? I'm nearing the end of writing the first draft of Lake One. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm still working on it. 5 1/2 years later. BUT! I am on the last chapter, with an epilogue and some bits and pieces I skipped left to write. For much of the last year I didn't write squat, but the start of this year I've really been hustling to get to the end…

Uncovering History

I've taken on a new hobby. Just what I need, another hobby to take me away from writing. But it's okay! I don't write much in the summertime anyway, and this hobby, alongside with my gardening, which by the way I've been slacking on this year, can only be done when it's nice outside and not freezing. What is it you say? Take a look!

The inscription on the bottom reads: Jennie, it's my sorrow's pride This last dim duty to fulfill Though all the world forget beside Friends will you remember still
And one more...
Since last fall I had begun cleaning headstones, starting with a few that the historical society I'm currently a board member of have chosen to put on a list as part of a cemetery tour/walk of some notables of our town. The walk is scheduled for our town's sesquicentennial in 2019, so that is giving us time to clean up some of those stones. Aside from those, we've also cleaned some veteran's stones for this year's Memorial Day and other r…

Old Timey Newspapers -- My Go To For Research

Since having discovered access to old newspapers on microfiche through a fellow historical society board member and friend, I've found a wealth of information to questions I've been wondering about regarding my novel-in-progress, Lake One. Answers to those questions and those I hadn't even asked yet. Let me tell you, those old newspapers are a historical writer's jackpot. And one of the best parts about this discovery is that they are located at the library the next town over (about eleven miles) so I have easy access to them. The rolls are put on a scanner that's hooked up to a computer and I can save whole pages or just sections of a page into files on a thumb drive. Love it!
The newspapers are pretty fun to read too. The vernacular of the day, as I've heard it described, was salty and quite humorous, depending on the story. They would take, for instance, an incident that did not go so well for a fella, he hiring a moody horse and cutter to go visit his schoo…

Just Another Update

Nothing Earth-shattering has happened since my last post, except for Trump becoming...ugh, I can't even say it. Still trudging along on Lake One. My interest in writing has perked back up again, but we'll see for how long. I've been working more on the historical society's Facebook page more than my own writing, though not at the amount I previously said I would like to do. We have other admins on the page that contribute interesting pictures and stories so we share the work. Which is fine by me. It has become quite popular and to keep up that popularity we try to post something new at least once a week. Once a week is good enough to not inundate our readers with too much which would in turn lead to them unfollowing us. Don't want that to happen!
In the nearly 150 years our town has been a town, there's a lot of history to share, so I doubt we'll run out of material any time soon. With the discovery of microfilm of our town's newspaper at the library the…