Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, Summer!

I have to say, summer is the least productive time for me when it comes to writing. This year I have been doing better than previous years--I've actually been writing a little something here and there. Generally, my interests turn to tending to my gardens during the spring through much of autumn, and the better half of autumn through winter I go into writing mode when I get the most inspired to write.

One of my favorite lovelies, Sweeping Shadows.

This year I haven't had the desire to be outside and do any sort of gardening. I've pulled a few weeds and lately due to the extreme heat and the drought we are progressing into, I've been outside watering almost everyday. The weeds are taking over in several of my beds, I've missed much of the bloom season of my beloved daylilies. I've even missed out on seeing the very first blooms of some of my daylily seedlings. I also haven't been outside with the camera taking pictures of every plant and flower I own like I have before. I've taken a few, but not many. I haven't hardly bought any new plants this year.

This is not like me.

Perhaps I am burned out from all of the gardening, the tending and trying to get uninterested people to come see my pretties. Maybe next year I'll be back in the game. My personal life has had its ups and downs these past several months, that may have something to do with it. It certainly has caused my depression, which seems to be lifting, thankfully. I should be taking advantage of this time of not being obsessed with my gardens and get this novel written, but I have been lazy. Oh so lazy. I need a swift kick in the rear to get me back to writing and not frolicking around on the internet!

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will work on my novel. So I will tell myself!

Another favorite of mine, Creature Of The Night.