Monday, September 24, 2012

My New Musical Love?

I love listening to Hearts of Space, a program that plays every Sunday night music you would never hear on any other radio station: ambient, world, new age and so forth. This past Sunday they played a program dedicated to the Autumn Equinox (titled "The Fading Light") and I took note of which songs and artists I really enjoyed on the program and saved their albums on my Amazon wish list so I can remember to purchase them later. One of the artists they played was Adam Hurst who plays the cello, perhaps my favorite of all instruments. Since I got home from work today I've been listening to his music on YouTube, and the last time I did this and became obsessed over a musician was with Ludovico Einaudi, his instrument of choice being the piano. I have five of his albums, and it is looking like Adam may be receiving some of my money in the near future as well. From what I've heard, much of his songs have a Middle Eastern and gypsy influence to them, and have a quality that evokes sadness. Which I like. Here's one of the sadder songs of his, deep and mournful:

Music like this jives with the mood of my novel, for the most part. Deep, soulful, sad. Beautiful. Which is why I want to buy some of his albums, music to get me into the mood to write my own work, music to work by. Plus, I can only listen to Ludovico and my other CD's so many times before tiring of them. I need to change up! Another video, just because:

And I like his hats.

There were other artists as I mentioned on this past Sunday's show that I enjoyed as well, one being Jennifer Zulli. She sells her albums on her website, which is where I'll have to buy them for they are only available on Amazon in MP3 format and I'd rather have a CD, because that's just how I am. She's fairly new, from what I gather, not having many albums out yet, but her album 'Opening' is the one I would like to have of which three songs were showcased on the HOS show. This song, though quite pretty, isn't as strong as the ones on the show, but it is the only one I could find from the album on YouTube:

I love finding new music artists, and I love HOS!


Thea said...

Oooh, the cello is my favorite string instrument. (Even though I was terrible at it when I had to take a strings class in college.) I'll have to check out more by these artists!