Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nice Progress and The Pain Of Starting A New Chapter

As the title says, I made some nice progress on my WIP the past couple of days. Yesterday I wrote a total of around 1850 words, and today 2270 words to finish chapter 26, which ended with a total of 9300 words, a longish chapter. I had written 3000 words in one day once, but that hasn't happened again. 2000 is nothing to snark at. I'm dreadfully slow at writing, it takes me hours to write 2000 words. Sometimes the words will flow for a few hundred in about twenty minutes or less, other times a mere fifty give me a headache for an hour or more. Or I'll obsess on one lousy word, unable to move on for minutes upon minutes at a time until that word I'm trying to come up with decides to pop up in my brain. Such is writing.

So since I have finished this last chapter, now begins a new one, and this one jumps forward in time a few months, because nothing really of any importance happens until then when all hell starts to break loose. Some chapter openings come to me easy peasy, this one however I'm already dreading to start it because I have absolutely no idea where to begin. The only thing to do is to just dig right in, and if it isn't the right spot to start I can try it again elsewhere. I think though I'm going to give it some time and mull it over. Sleep on it tonight, then tomorrow do some housework and think on it some more. Something will strike a chord somewhere. Though, just start writing will most likely be my best bet. You know, BIC (butt in chair).

And now for a snippet from the chapter I have completed (as always, subject to future edits):

Vlad has come to Anna, a woman healer who he calls a witch of which she can't stand, to find if she has information on how to kill the monster wolf that has now killed two children in a nearby village, or which he believes to have killed the children. She is consulting an old book and reads to him in this snippet on the ways to kill the monster.

I don't care about that. Soon it'll be dark and I need to know what weapon I need to kill this monster.”
Anna looked up from the book and raised a brow. “So impatient. I'm about to come to that part.” She slid her finger across the page and said, “It is unknown what can kill the monster for all attempts have failed. Silver, wolfsbane, a stake through the heart made of ash, oak, or rosewood, her head cut from her body, fire. Any of these may work, but no one has been able to come close to the creature to try. Religious symbols do not ward it, nor harm it. Think of that, if you think your icon will protect you.” Anna sat back in her chair and stroked her cat. “Now you know as much as I do, which I've told you isn't much.”
So there is no hope.”
Anna shook her head.
Lies. There is no such thing as a creature so powerful it cannot be destroyed.”
Anna shrugged. “Like I said, that is all I know, and now you know as much as I. How did you plan to kill it before you decided to consult me?”
I figured to wound it with an arrow, then when it's down cut off its head with my kilij. Maybe let it come close and I slit its throat or its belly with my knife. I don't know, something. Something is better than letting it keep killing.”
So you have no plan, you're just going to ride around at night and have it come to you, and then throw sharp objects at it. A creature that has been around for centuries, that has been hunted the same way and knows from all other past attempts to know what to expect. That is the plan you have? To die like the other idiots?” Anna shook her head “Tut tut tut. I had higher hopes for you, Vlad.”
Again with the insults.” Vlad rose to his feet. “If you won't help me, so be it.” He stomped for the door.
Good luck.” Anna said. He turned to see her with that mock grin of hers.
Du-te dracului.


Thea said...

Yay progress! I think you're even faster than I am - I consider 1000 words a good day, and with everything else I have going on during the week, I consider 500 a good day Monday - Friday. *blushes*