Friday, April 19, 2013

Long Time, No Posts

It has been nearly three weeks since my last post. Nothing of any merit has happened since then. I've been outside digging my mother's yard for the last couple of weeks in preparation for the plants I'll be bringing up here from Ohio next weekend, assuming the weather cooperates. Speaking of weather, this has been one cold, wet, nasty spring up here in Michigan. Welcome back home, my home state says, enjoy all the cold and rain and yuck. Rivers and lakes are flooding all around, some of the worst around the Grand Rapids area. Low lying areas around here are underwater, the ground is just so saturated that it can't hold anymore. Except for my mom's yard. It's a sandy loam soil, so it drains really well, which will be good for my plants and will be quite the opposite of which they are growing in now, poorly draining clay loam.

On the writing front, sadly, not much has been done. I've barely started my second pass of edits (I decided to make a third draft after all). I removed a male on male (M/M) sex scene not because I was afraid to have it in there, but because it didn't make sense for the characters to do the deed considering their circumstance. I suppose when I originally wrote it, I wanted the two characters to have this intimate moment with one another because I knew a couple of chapters away one would lose his life, and that they would not have the chance again. But I decided it best to keep them from having their moment because I came to the conclusion it would be a dumb, selfish move on their part, even though nothing happens and they could have totally done it. Cutting out that scene took out another 1200 words from the manuscript, so that helped a little in cutting down my word count, and got rid of a scene that would have made a reader shake their head and say, "What are you two idiots doing?"

Also, it was kind of a long scene.

Still haven't touched book number two. Writer's block, or laziness, or maybe both, I don't know. I have the info I need to continue, but it's just easier to nit pick the manuscript that's already finished. And I have a cat that constantly licks himself whenever he's awake, which is in the evening, which is when I like to work, and which drives me absolutely nuts, so I put on my ear buds to drown out the sound, but then the music distracts me and I putz around on the internet and nothing gets done.

See, nothing of merit. So I guess I'll end the post here, go toss my bedsheets from the washer into the dryer, and get to work on something, which will be when Jake wakes and decides he needs to give himself a sloppy bath.

It takes work to be this sexy.