Friday, August 31, 2012

Farewell To August

This month has certainly had its ups and downs, and mostly downs. The month started at a good rate, though a bit on the scary side when I was confirmed pregnant. Both me and the Mister both were surprised, scared, and eventually elated about the news that we were to soon have a little one joining us. We started thinking about names and which of us was to have to give up their office (clearly he had!). However, that pregnancy was not meant to be and ended after seven weeks. Though as disappointing as it was I can't say that I was saddened over it. The embryo never formed and I ended up having a blighted ovum, which the doctor told us isn't unusual, especially for first time pregnancies. If a baby had been there I would have been much more devastated, but there wasn't. What we learned from this pregnancy is that we really would like to have a rug rat after all, even when in the past we both said no kids, it has brought us closer when we were beginning to drift apart, and we've decided to try again.

A few days after my miscarriage, standing in line at Dairy Queen my other half receives a text message from a friend of his. Soon after reading it he snaps his phone shut with a look of disbelief on his face and says "Oh God," or some similar remark, I can't remember exactly (my memory sucks). He opens his phone to read it again after I ask what is wrong and reads the text to me. A childhood friend of his up through high school had died that afternoon in a motorcycle accident. I didn't really know the guy though I know his older brother and one of his younger sisters, his death came as a shock to my boyfriend and I felt his sorrow. Though they had drifted apart as friends into adulthood, he remained friends with this man's family and especially his older brother. The county fair was taking place the week he had passed (his kids were showing animals in the fair) and was well-known to many in the community, and a fire fighter on top of it all. The accident was tragic, a 12-year-old boy driving a tractor drove out onto the road and my boyfriend's friend, distracted by waving to another passing motorcyclist, drove into the tractor. I feel sorrow for both families and wish them the best.

A couple of days after his friend's viewing, my boyfriend gets a call from his step-brother, saying his step-mother, who had been battling stage four breast cancer for the past few months, was not doing well and that he should come to his father's house to see her before she passes. I came to the house later in the evening and spent a few hours there in what would be her final hours. She passed away early the next morning. The following day I learned from a work colleague that her husband's brother had passed away that same day, and all I could think of is why are there so many people dieing this month? Is August of 2012 cursed with people I know or people that friend's and family know dieing? My boyfriend heard word this past week of another two more people he knows who died, one was a man he had worked with in the past and the other a man who he had gone to school with. Today was my boyfriend's step-mother's funeral. She no longer has to live with the pain she had been going through for the past several years. Now that August has come to a close, I hope next month will bring better, happier news, and no more death to people we know.

And on the interesting side of things, tonight is a blue moon, the second full moon within the same month. I don't have much to say about it other than it being pretty cool.

Full moons are awesome.


Tex said...

Madam, I am so sorry for being so deeply out of touch this month - I wish I had seen your good-news entry while the news was still good!

Also: you are EXACTLY right about August being unnaturally crummy. Folks have been dying and ailing and generally had their luck turning belly-up all over the place - and I don't have to know why to know that it is high time we put a stop to it!

Regardless, here is hoping for better days ahead, for your family and the world at large. September can only get better!

K.E. Skedgell said...

Thank you so much, Tex. I really appreciate your comment. Here's to the rest of the year getting better!

Greg said...

Seems like summer winds down into a spiral of breakups, deaths, goodbyes, and abrupt changes before Autumn sweeps up the mess and repaints the canvas of life. I always think we would take the beauty of life itself for granted if not for the reminder that this is a temporary status.