Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Chapter Closer

I'm pretty proud of myself tonight. I finished a chapter within two days, about 4300 words total. That's fantastic for me, since it usually takes me a week to squeeze out a chapter or two. I got two chapters done in less that a week, 8,900 words in all. I'm getting closer and closer to the end of this first book in my series. If I can keep this momentum up, barring nothing coming along and ruining my mojo like usual, I should have the first draft finally, FINALLY, done by the end of the month. The next chapter I'll be starting had pretty much been pre-written a year ago when the idea for it came to me and I wrote it out so I wouldn't forget it. Most of it will remain much the same as I had originally written it without a whole lot of major tweaking, so assuming I am left alone to work on it tomorrow (the boyfriend will be home from work, need I say more) I should be able to finish it and begin the following chapter (eh, he'll be out in the garage all day, I have nothing to worry about). I'm guessing, maybe, possibly, after this chapter another three or four more to end it, and after that I have to go back and write a chapter I skipped (if I decide to write it, I may not need it) and finish a couple I started and skipped because I got stuck one way or another, and finish up other little odds and ends I left to do later.

I'm pretty excited about getting this draft done. I've been working on it for way too long. Being jobless has helped, though I still don't write until the late afternoon/evening hours past when I would be home from work anyway, I don't have that mental and physical stress of the job ruining my desire to write. Once all of these chapters are done, I'm going to piece them altogether in one file (as of now each chapter has its own file) and start on the second book to give myself some distance from it before I start on the edits. I know the beginning will need a lot of editing. I already have scenes written for the second book as well, though I have a lot of writing to do to stitch those scenes together with in-between scenes. For now, I just need to concentrate on finishing this book. The light at the end of the tunnel continues to grow brighter, and brighter.

And for your reading enjoyment, a little snippet (just a wee one) from one of the two chapters I wrote this past week:

 “I had thought I'd known what love was,” he [Vlad] said. “I had been wrong. I never knew it until this moment. My son is love. And seeing him I can now say with certainty, I know what love is.”


randi lee said...

I love your snippet! Family love is so lost in our romance generation. I'm happy to see it appear here. And congratulations on your word count, very impressive!

K.E. Skedgell said...

Thank you, Randi!