Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Doomsday!

So, it's 12-21-12, and I feel fine!

Jill Tracy - Doomsday Serenade
Album - Diabolical Streak (1999)

We'll meet again, my dear, on Doomsday
Pigs will be flying through the sky
Upon the 12th of Never
Half a quarter past forever
Stricken with the Rapture
We will watch the world's demise

We'll meet again, my dear, on Doomsday
A hint of Armageddon fills the air
Now that Hell has frozen over
And the sun is growing colder
We'll be drawing closer
Because there's no more time to spare

We'll meet again, my dear, on Doomsday
A shower full of frogs and toads
But as bleak as it may be
Apocalyptic reverie
Hand in hand we'll tiptoe
Through the carcasses and bones

The air is too thin to breath on Doomsday
At last we face the reckoning
And blood will fill the sea
Cobwebs will cover you and me
As flames engulf the remnants
Of this grand catastrophe

It's Doomsday

It's Doomsday

So, how are y'all on this fine doomsday?


Sandie Docker said...

Well, I haven't bought my husband's xmas pressie yet, so if the world ends, at least I don't have to worry about it, I guess.....Always look on the bright side.

randi lee said...

A little tidbit: We have bagel Fridays in my office and they typically arrive around 8am. Today the bagels didn't come in until 9--and between that time it really was the end of the world for the members of my office! We NEED our Friday bagels ;)