Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spammers, You Are The Bile Of The Interwebz!

Seriously! Because I'm getting tired of being bombarded with spam messages (most of them from my The Next Big Thing post), and since no one ever writes me an actual comment anonymously, and I'm tired of seeing new comments pop up in my email only to be spam, I'm disabling the ability to comment anonymously. Sorry if it's any inconvenience to the real people out there and are not spam bots, but like I said, no one comments anonymously, and I'm tired of dealing with it. I hope it at least takes care of some of the spam. Have a good one!


~Charity~ said...

I can relate. I get tons of spam from just a couple specific posts. It's so annoying! I too might have to disable the ability to post anonymously.

Sandie Docker said...

Fair enough! No genuine person will mind.

randi lee said...

I'd like to know if there are people gullible enough to actually fall for these spam schemes. Someone must, because they just keep going!